Is kratom consumption addictive?

Can one become addicted to kratom consumption? This is a real concern that needs to be addressed sensitively. Indeed, despite the many virtues of kratom leaves, controversies continue to be fuelled around the addiction they create. Especially since several researchers have looked into the matter and have highlighted the use of kratom as a substitute for opium. Is it possible to become addicted to kratom? If so, how serious is it?

How does kratom make you addicted?

The use of kratom is not without health side effects. While millions of people have endorsed its effectiveness, there are others who have misgivings about its side effects. Used in traditional medicine as a substitute for opium and having analgesic and euphoric effects, kratom cannot be considered as a drug additive. For more information, see the following link:
Excessive use of kratom can lead to dependence. This dependence generally comes in three forms namely: physical dependence, psychological dependence, and behavioural dependence.

psychological and mental dependencies

Physical dependence on kratom is relative to the dose of consumption. Consumption of a high dose of kratom stimulates the neurons in the brain and which in turn demand more of the nicotine. The more kratom you consume, the more you will become dependent on it. You will want to use more and more every day. So, consume kratom moderately so that you don't get addicted to it.

physical and behavioural addictions

Like all additive products, kratom acts on the body. Its excessive consumption leads to dependence. This is because kratom contains nicotine which offers sensation. If you become addicted to it, the more the body demands, the more addictive it will become.