KODDOS, the best way to counter denial of service attacks?

Cyber security companies offer their services on the Internet through websites, blogs and various platforms. KODDOS operates in the same vein, and its platform offers services that distinguish it from other firms. What are these different services?

KODDOS: a welcoming platform

Once on the company's platform, you will easily discover its main field of expertise, which is network security. Discover the blog means getting in touch with the services that the firm offers, such as premium hosting. This hosting is divided into several categories, but all the tabs talking about hosting include prices, bandwidth space among others. On the other hand, it highlights the DDOS protection capability. Some service tabs also highlight the number of protected domains. All of these criteria make KODDOS one of the most professional sites in its field, as evidenced by the opinions of Internet users. The reviews provide information about the durability of the hosting, the quality of the service and the security of the network.

KODDOS: the advantages of its services

Being able to offer its customers premium hosting means that the subscriber has access to all the services related to the service and this for the duration of the contract. The more robust connectivity that KODDOS offers allows you to face attacks when you have a rather impressive volume of data. Even when facing this attack, hosting ensures that there is no network interruption. In addition to the removal of threats related to denial of service attacks, KODDOS premium hosting also provides protection against any other attacks. In addition, the company uses the latest technology in DDOS attack defence, which will protect you against new developments in attacks. Finally, KODDOS premium hosting offers maximum security for your various activities and saves you the expense of securing your website at the end of each month.