Louisville’s policemen dismissed over the death of Taylor

Unwarranted killing of innocent citizens has been on the rise in the US. The death of Taylor who was shot dead in her home by police officials has generated so much heat. The officers have now been dismissed from service by police authorities.

Cops fired after shooting an innocent lady

The department of police affairs in Louisville has finally fired two of their cops over the killing of a health official Breonna Taylor. Their chief, Greg Fischer confirmed to media men that both cops have been relieved of their duties. He also presented their letters of dismissal to members of the press.


Late in December, the police affairs dispatched letters of affairs to Officer Myles Cosgrove, whom an FBI investigation indicted to have pulled the trigger that killed Taylor, and officer josh Jaynes who applied for the search document to check Taylor’s house. In the letter, police boss Gentry asserted that Jaynes lied that he collected information from the postal service officer, that Taylor has some secretive packages at home.


The raid into Taylor’s house is linked to her ex-friend Glover who is suspected of being involved in drug distribution. Her boyfriend said they (police officers) didn’t identify themselves when they barge into their homes. Their excuse was that they heard a gunshot around. He said immediately they entered their house, they shot at her, killing her immediately. No drugs or packages were found in their house.

Reason for their dismissal given

Cosgrove was dismissed for going against the police force policy on arms usage, while the third cop Brett Hankison was dismissed because he shot without thinking from outside the building, endangering the lives of the public.


A Kentucky legal counsel, however, said that both police officers were justified in using their arms because they were returning fire to where they thought the shot came from. Both officers have the chance to appeal their dismissal. However, no comment has been made from them or their lawyers.


The police chief said he was sad about what happened because the officers didn’t identify a threat before shooting in various directions. Also, investigations show that Taylor was not a threat and no incriminating substance was found in the apartment.