Philanthropy in Hong Kong: how did Adrian Cheng do it?

Life experiences have shown that man is by nature a mean, warlike being who rejoices in the misfortune of his fellow man. But it is clear that some people are endowed with extraordinary qualities. This is the case, for example, of philanthropists.

Bibliography of Adrian Cheng

A philanthropist is one who contributes through personal action to the improvement of human living conditions. These actions may be monetary donations or charitable foundations. In short, philanthropy is the love of humanity. We will explain how Adrian Cheng became a philanthropist. Adrian Cheng Chi-kong is a Chinese entrepreneur born in November 1979 in Hong Kong. He will succeed his father as head of the family business in May 2020. Benefiting from the heritage of his grandparents, he made his fortune in real estate. He has distinguished himself from his grandparents by showing kindness and love for others. Adrian Cheng is a man with outstanding philanthropic qualities. He has never missed an opportunity to prove to the world how much he can help his fellow human beings.

The philanthropy of Adrian Cheng

Adrian Cheng supports the idea that being successful should encourage humans to give. Philanthropy is therefore central to his philosophy. He proved this with the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic. When the COVID 19 crisis hit, Adrian Cheng did not miss the opportunity to show his kindness to the world by donating masks. Indeed, Adrian Cheng donated hundreds of thousands of masks around the world. This has helped poor people protect themselves from contracting the COVID 19 virus. Adrian's philanthropy is mainly based on sharing his resources with societies in a more direct way. This sharing is done through collaborations with NGOs, charities, etc. He favours sharing resources over giving money. This is what makes his philanthropy so special. This businessman is one of Hong Kong's most successful men