The disadvantages of the internet in your life as a couple

Today nobody can live without the Internet. This scientific innovation provides enormous advantages, but also several disadvantages that it is necessary to know. You already live with your lover! What are the disadvantages of the Internet in your relationship? The following article lists some of them.

Internet, a barrier to communication as a couple

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You probably know that communication is the most effective weapon for the strength of a couple. But, with the arrival of the internet which gave birth to several social networks, this communication in the life of the couple is found fragile. For example, in many couples, partners are hooked on their phone despite the presence of their spouse. Writing on the phone with friends becomes more important than a good discussion session with his partner.

The Internet is a source of disputes sees breakup of several couples

Once again, we index the social networks. Indeed, these different social networks set up thanks to the internet are the subject of several cases of couples breaking up. For example, a small compliment or joke in comment by a man in a couple face of the photo of a woman lambda a little more or less sexy can create a subject of dispute in the home of the latter.
In addition, the fact of not posting the photo of his or her partner in status, can be subject to controversy in the relationship of them. Either this is explained by a lack of consideration for one and a sign of respect for the other. From argument to disputes this could lead to the breakup of their couple.

The Internet constitutes a bad advisor for his life in couple

Thanks to the internet you have the possibility to join several social network groups where you are given advice to improve your life as a couple. However, this ingenious initiative is double-edged. Insofar as civilizations differ from one country to another. Thus, putting into practice some of the advice that you have found to be good for your life as a couple may have the opposite result.